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Be Proactive in Reactive TImes

Keep Communities Enpowered

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RNHS is an affordable housing organization- established in 1981 to combat redlining in Richmond CA. , it has since become a scatter site property manager- owner of single families homes. RNHS acquires properties and makes them available for first time home-buyers to purchase or low income residents to rent .

RNHS is a certified HUD financial counseling agency whose mission is to educate community members on their home buying options and works as advocates to assist those at risk of foreclosure through the HUD Foreclosure Mitigation counseling program.

As the climate and definition of affordable housing changes in the Bay Area - RNHS stays committed to families considered "low income" based on county AMI levels; to ensure- residents in low economic conditions are not forgotten ignored, or community based decisions are not insulted from the communities.... local government, and non profit agencies have been created to serve.

As you know most non profit organizations receive funds related to specific programs and projects- leaving little room to navigate around "real" competitive organizational issues i.e. commitment to livable wages to it's staff, staff development, work life balance- creating capacity, having resources to support the incidental expenses related to communities it serves that are not " forecast able"- (emergency shelter, snacks for children, solutions to reactive issues).

RNHS, takes a holistic approach to serving it's community- it understands without GREAT schools, public safety, and healthy foods a community will not THRIVE!

RNHS motto is "- "One's economic condition should not impact their quality of living- everyone has a right to live with integrity"

RNHS leadership leads with a Business Mind and a Social Heart- it takes Balance to address the fragile communities we serve-

Our ask...

"If you believe the same Donate today- keep us free to support communities without allocating resources to create a program, and /or grant to chase dollars- your support will allow us to stay in our lane- Be great , effective and efficient in what we do- securing housing for those that are not bothered by the term " low income housing"- and serve a community who understands - as they engage in community and become good civic community members they are empowered to change the stigma of "low income housing!"

- We do this through Access and Education!

Assist us in our Capital Campaign to raise money in 2017 to do the "Little Things that will be Most impactful!"

It takes an inclusive Village who understands there is only one Race the HUMAN RACE!

RNHS looks to be Better than Good in 2017 with your SUPPORT we WILL achieve our goal!